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Old 06-03-2011, 05:10 AM
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Default Haha magic in a DLC

First of all Dawn of Fantasy with no magic, except in DLC form. Looks to me like there really trying to disappoint the community, seriously. I mean I understand that if in its current form its just not ready, but seriously add it in an update. To make customers pay for it is a joke. Seems to me, as like most companies that develop games, you'll be rushing this one out the door. Magic in a game of fantasy is a neccesity. Going the buyable DLC route is a joke. Sounds to me there just doing it to make more money. Haha, they know that every player of the game would be willing to pay for it if they had too. DLC content is meant to add new content, campaigns, quests, NPC's, etc. Not a magic system that should already be in place, come on people it's Dawn of FANTASY. Bad move people, bad move. Almost as disappointing as Stardock's War of Magic Flop.
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