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Old 07-23-2007, 01:18 AM
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My personal thoughts on the matter is that the whole concept of turtling, rushing, and booming are themselves flaws in the genre. I feel the next step, gameplay-wise, that needs to be taken in RTS games is to eliminate the concept of these three.

As far as rushing goes, I feel that games have either attempted to remove it from the picture or ignore it altogether. Both often end up as disaster; if you look at BFME2, the early game was dominated by offensive gambits that (if played out perfectly by both teams) resulted in a mutual defeat and were about which team could hunt down the last stragglers of the other team first. Alternately, I see too many games which remove the entire importance of the early game. The results of this are just as problematic; the game's all about a maximized build order, and the whole concept of the first attack is just moved ahead to a later point in time.

I feel that the solution is to integrate rushing as part of the early game. Battles with the opposing player must be an assumed part of the early game routine. Unless the unpredictability of player interaction comes into effect early on, all the early game will be is the repetition of a few well honed build orders; neither fun nor interesting. At the same time, it must be balanced so that players grow and advance rather than stagnate each other's development. That is, unless a player royally screws up, the rush won't impact his advance to the "late game" type armies.

As for turtling, I feel that this often stagnates a game and can lead to boring and drawn out bouts where the outcome is obvious. Defences should be part of other strategies, but simply sitting behind a wall shouldn't be a strategy on its own. It must exist to supplement other plans of action, but I feel a dedicated defence should mean inevitable defeat if you're not doing something else actively.