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Old 04-18-2008, 03:51 AM
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Default multiple attackers

Another one of my ideas is say you dont have a stong army and someone just keeps attacking you, getting slightly annoyed but then you mate logs on and your like 'ohh hey there want to join me in killing this person who just keeps ganking me' would that be possible as i would hate to have it so that if someone keeps attacking me and he knows that i dont have the man power to counter his attacks withone of my own then i can team with a friend to show him why not to mess with me this will also in tern make diplomacy much more inportant.

also will there be such things as like friends list guilds or clans or allegiences so that you can have say wars against each other and see whos mighiest or will it be highly a solo play so that even if your getting ganked of everything you carn't do anything about this?
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