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Old 07-22-2007, 02:14 AM
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I've always felt that the ideal RTS game shouldn't have the concept of either rushing or turtling.

That is to say that "rushing" should be a normal part of gameplay. I've always felt that games should encourage you to get out there and fight over the map's resources. The goal should not be to wipe out the enemy completely (unless you have a clear advantage, in which case the game ideally should end quickly, since it's not fun for either player when the match is lopsided), but to gain a tactical advantage to take into the mid-game. You get the unique gameplay of the early segment of the match, but it's only a part of the game, not the end all. In this sense, it's not longer a "rush", just the normal early game.

As for turtling, I've always felt someone who just sits in their shell and never moves should be a player who is already defeated. Gameplay like that is slow-paced and boring; it should not be encouraged, and the best way to prevent it is ensuring those who follow that path are defeated soundly. Instead, defences should be part of a larger strategy involving counter-attacks and delay strategies. Turtling should be a method to support another strategy; hence you're actively pursuing something and the game is not stagnated.