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I agree with Joseph Visscher's position, but I disagree with his reasoning on this matter. He's right that such a system of automation would not work for Dawn of Fantasy, but he's wrong that it wouldn't work for any game in the genre. If a game was designed with that type of automation in mind, it could be a very fun and competitive game all the same.

RTS games are based on choices. Players must make decisions and execute them within a limited time frame. Players cannot manage absolutely every decision, however. We certainly don't have time to trace out the paths that each individual unit should follow to get between point A and point B, there is a pathing system in place to do that automatically. The player loses a degree of control, but is freed to make his decisions in a more streamlined manner. As a result, most RTS games automate trivial, boring, or non-consequential decision making.

Now, I think that a system that automates the economy as mentioned could work for a different game. In fact, the economic system could be expanded on a much highest scale to require a greater degree of planning and structuring because the AI could be counted upon to deal with the simpler and lower level operations. Or the economic aspect could be simplified dramatically so there is no longer any real intelligence required at that level and game could become far more aggressive with a greater focus on commanding the army while the base was sidelined and mostly AI controlled. There are many ways such a game could be implemented and be both very fun and competitive.

Dawn of Fantasy places a great deal of complexity in the base and how you manage it. If you read the details on the game, you can see there actually is a considerable amount of automation; you don't need to directly control individual workers, enabling you to manage your economy at a level you might not otherwise have been capable of. This automation has enabled DoF to introduce a higher level of economic planning. However, if you take away that higher level of planning, you simplify the intelligent and non-trivial decision making process required from the player. Good automation expands upon the player's decision making, options, and choices. Bad automation cuts them down. Your suggestion in this context falls into the latter category. In a different game it could be the former, but it'd have to be designed for it.

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