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Old 04-17-2008, 11:47 AM
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RTS is a Real-Time Strategy. The Strategy aspect is almost certainly implemented into all 'RTS's, but I don't know what your interpretation of the Real-Time part is. For me, that tells me it simulates the theme of a game with detail but not being overly complex. Micromanagement is a key aspect and basic fundamental of all 'RTS's, and thus handing it over to an AI this game should, by my definition, be called only a Strategic game. Unlike 'FPS's where it is accuracy, and reflex which rule the day Strategy is (supposed to be) about being able to think quickly and come up with tactical decisions whilst managing the necessities. Allowing AI to take over either unit production or the economy really means at the end of the day you've had help. Good balance between micromanagement and strategy makes the pros, the pros. Not some AI doing half the work...
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