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Originally Posted by Curst View Post
Seriously, why Bladestorm and not Avenger? I find Avenger more appealing. Or what about Duelist? Or Fencer. Or Slayer. Or even Orc Slayer. I'm sure elves aren't too fond of big ugly orcs, who'd rather die in fire then live in harmony.

I might be not the best judge (because English is not my native language), but I think "Bladestorm" really don't sound too well.
I don't have much of an issue with Bladestorm being a name other than it sounds like something a certain swordsman or axeman would use as an ability. As for the other names, Duelist would only work if the main idea behind it were only swords being used, or axes, as I said above. Slayer would have to have an actual purpose, and Fencer..well..thats more human tone than Elf.
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