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Old 04-16-2008, 05:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Tbeaz161 View Post
I've been hearing alot of choke points what are those? Also I was wondering if we could get a general idea of how far you are into completion if you know. Then we would know if you were actually able to put some of the stuff in we are suggesting without holding it back like 6 months :P. The Predetermined thing sounds pretty cool to me becasue it sounds like there will be some variety and I want to play it before I dis it. Also will what region you pick for your race to start in determine your town set up? Also I have an awesome idea for the undead... BONE WALLS! ok maybe it wasn't THAT awesome you decide
Bone walls would be awesome for undead, but no undead till next DoF or expansion lol

Choke point? Well imagine a bottle neck of troops, sorta like that, somewhere where a defensive advantage could make you succeed or nearly succeed overwhelming odds (Example the film 300 <3 300 hehe)

Sure it "can" be cool...but I'd need to experience it my self first.

Also... what do people think of my compromise?