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Old 04-16-2008, 05:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Joseph Visscher View Post
Quite a while ago i wanted the same thing TYRANICK, blueprint options atleast, but yes this would make a massive unknown gap in balancing.

But please remember that these are walkible walls not some unwalkible piece of **** from AOE 3 or BFME2. These walls have tons of upgrades all chosen by you to upgrade for a cost. Also there are layers of walls that you must build each costing quite a bit, and even more for upgrades, therefore there are many tactical options for you to choose, but yes, simply having walls stretching across the entire map is, out of the question. Your enemy will have the ability to surround you, and siege you, and pillage your farms unto ruin and you cower into the safety of your walls, coward humans!
Maybe you should join the Orcs.
Oh, and also, the Orcs’ walls are not built anywhere either they are prebuilt in this latest build aswell. But the buildings you can build anywhere to your liking.

We’ve thought about making the walls ‘ free style ‘ but it would simply mess up the balance to much and it wouldn’t look very good. It would lead, for more people, to not even have walls. Like it is in bfme2, just a rush game, no need for walls, ‘the game ends in 5 minutes anyways, why build walls’. Otherwise, having random walls spamed all over the place looks really stupid. and not a very good image I believe.

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Having a properly constructed stronghold with several layers of walls with trebuchets boiling oil, archer towers here and there in a nice realistic fasion holding off a massive orc army. Now that’s a image I can see in DOF!
Do the preset walls all depend on where you build or can you only build in some spots? Also, will camps have preset walls too?

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