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Old 04-16-2008, 04:34 PM
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Sad, but I have to agree that it sounds really limitating if we don't have any choice at where the defenses (the walls) are placed. We'll probably hear players defend themselves after a defeat: "But your walls where better placed than mine, not fair!"
I hope at least that we'll be able to choose where to put the gates, the number and approximate placement of towers, etc. etc.

Sure, having everything predefined ensures that it will look perfectly good and realistic, and that the lazy players won't be annoyed by having to place every single crate by hand, but how far can it take over liberty?

Eventually, I think I will accept the fact and appreciate the realistic and epic look of the game, but I'm not sure that it will be a factor of prime appeal for most people. Or you'll really have to demonstrate very well how varied can be the stragic placements of elements on the walls and everywhere on the map.

PS: I have to admit, though, that i've been appealed at my first approach to the game by the fact that I wouldn't have to place all my buildings by hand - I'm of the lazy people in some domains -, but maybe it's going too far? I imagined that we would be able to stretch the walls a bit, don't know.
And definitely, what about the mobile camps ? Can we place them anywhere we want ? The palisades ?

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