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Old 04-16-2008, 01:14 PM
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You don't have to limit yourself to just 2 factions for the next release of game/expansion. The Minotaur/Beast faction could be implemented.
My only qualms about the amphibian race/lizard race is that the water aspect would have to be a minor part as on water maps they'd excel, but, as in most cases in RTS, naval combat is underused and thus during landbattles they would have a distinct disadvantage, else they would be not balanced/realistic (in terms of amphibian, possibily humanoid, creatures ). The lizard aspect would be restricted with the Dragon faction's implied affiliation to reptiles and so it would be hard to be original for their style of gameplay and units, however the Dragon faction is yet to be seen...
Undead has so many possibilities and can be represented in so many different styles of gameplay...
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