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I will not say anything about about dragons in this post, but I can give some info on the other 3 sides’ type of building buildings.

The Humans have plots and pre-built stronghold wall designed, somewhat similar to bfme1 just let repetitive. The buildings themselves will have a few upgrades and uses, but pretty basic. Military buildings will make military units, the armory makes armor upgrades, The barn can make livestock such as sheep, cows, chickens, pigs; market for trading resources, etc.
All in all Humans are in the medium, there fairly good in the starting and in late games.

The Elves are based around building buildings… around… Great Trees! Pretty simple, expect the elves are… Less dependent on resources around the map, perfect for turtlers, they have a way to generate any of the 4 resources right within their stronghold. The Great Trees pretty much act like building plots around the stronghold.
Elves’ workers refuse to cut down trees for wood, instead slowly generates wood from several other ways without the means of killing innocent trees.
All in all Elves are best for late games.

The Orcs Are able to build anywhere they are more like bfme2’s way and do not require nearly as much or if any stone because there walls and upgrades do not require it (made of wood) But from what I know, they are more dependent on eating, killing, destroying, and stealing all the resources around the map, which of course is the Orcish way of life, leave the land bare to the bone! Then make a bone neckless.
When it comes to buildings, orcs, from what I know, do not have a main building, Town center. Their walls are upgraded and built through a big temple in which you must build later on in a late game.
There are two types of workers the normal orc worker which can cut down trees and get wood or mine gold or stone(But possibibly lacks the ability to get food). And the Marauder which hunts and harvests Food from animals, he is also a bow orc for the orcs, so their a food only worker and a military archer unit.
All in all Orcs are best for taking up all the resources nearby; making a massive army, and rushing the hell out of the enemy.

Pardon me Kon or Ryan if any of this is wrong, correct me if it is.
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