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Old 04-15-2008, 02:20 PM
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How do you balance out someone whose very defining advantage is that they are good in water? After all, they will lose out on that defining advantage in any environment devoid of water. How can balance them for these two different situations without removing the advantage?

It's kind of like how everyone ended up massing air units on Warcraft III maps where players were isolated by cliffs. Sure, you could always use the zepplins to transport your units and that worked well for rushes, but late game the mobility of air units had such a HUGE relative advantage on these maps that there was really no other option but to mass them. The air units couldn't be changed, because they were already balanced on "regular" maps which didn't have such serious restrictions on movement by land. The only way it could be fixed was to remove all such maps from ladder play. Similarly, a faction so hopelessly dependent on water for its victories will either be balanced for land maps (making it broken on water maps) or balanced for water maps (making it hopeless on land maps). There is no in between.