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Old 04-15-2008, 12:24 PM
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I think it might be prudent to look into providing some limitations for siege weapons on boats (like perhaps it can only fire when the boat is not moving).

Because a siege equipped boat can move while firing, it gives it a distinct advantage in a situation regarding a coastal exchange of firepower. The land-based catapult is essentially stationary, while the sea-based one is moving freely. Essentially the only counter is to come out and attack either with an archer-equipped boat or a boarding party.

The problem I see here is the woefully common instance where a player has had his navy wiped out and needs to re-establish it. However, if "bombard" type boats are too strong he cannot get close enough to the water for any prolonged period of time to build that navy, and is essentially pinned down. Typically, as a result, land-based siege is always made to be a counter to sea-based siege. This means that in any long-range shootout, the land-based player is at an advantage, forcing the sea-based player to make a landing to prevent him from rebuilding his navy.

I do not feel that would work out if sea-based siege units have the same firepower as land-based units, but also have the advantage of mobility. Some form of limitation is necessary here, I believe. However, so long as the above problem is dealt with in some manner, I'm happy.