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Old 04-14-2008, 06:52 PM
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Default Diversity to gameplay, to game objectives + Troops prod AI


I'm, all in all, very interested by this game !
Never have I been a great lover of strategy games - especially in multiplayer - for a few but important reasons. These, fortunately, seem to all be destined to be by-passed by DoF.

Just as I was starting to read a first piece of information about the latter, I was dreaming of a strategy game similar to an MMO wich would let me play in LAN, with friends, extensively long games on a huge map, where we would be able to develop kingdoms, extend and fight for territories. The main idea was to avoid the repetitive gameplay of classical RTS on skirmish maps, and have a real evolution of the game environment and style of play over days.
Then I read about the half-MMO mode for DoF and I was delighted. So we go for my first suggestion (rather a request) : Please, oh please, implement the "MMO" mode in LAN games !

Another problem I have with multiplayer RTS games are that I'm unable to manage economics and battles at the same time. When a fight begins, I dive into it, only to discover a few minutes later that all my buildings have stopped production, my fields are out of crop, and I've taken a great backwardness in my progression tree.
But here again, DoF claims it will let us choose to leave the micro management of the stronghold to an AI, yay !
Though... I don't know how far it goes, so here's another suggestion : An activatable (during play) option would let the AI manage production of troops ; the player would first choose among a few build presets, then would go take care of his ennemy easy in he/she's mind, knowing that reinforcement will be ready in time.

The last annoying thing for me is simply that I hate to lose a deathmatch game, watching my beloved city being destroyed piece after piece by a fervent opponent until my last peasant hits the ground yelling. I end up full of hatred towards irl friends, wich I hate. There are solutions to this, playing in coop against computer ennemies is a possibility offered by most current RTS games, and DoF. So that's fine. I've also read about a PvE mode ?
Anyway, what I would really like to see is some variety in game objectives :
- Assault maps where one player has to defend something against the opponent ;
- Maps with economic goals, needing collection of multiple ressources that the players will have to fight for ;
- And other things you can think of that don't require total destruction of the opponents, but encourages interaction between players. And, if possible, that encourages assistance between allies.
- Some excellent board games offer the players the choice between various (but balanced) objectives at the beginning of the game (or even halfway through it), impacting the way to play a lot. That's something I would appreciate to see in an RTS pc game like DoF.

That's it for this first post, I think I would better split my suggestions in multiple topics so other people can comment each...

And... actually I suppose that it's a bit late for you - devs - to implement most suggestions, right ?

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