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Old 04-25-2011, 02:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Henry Martin View Post
Yes I've tried several things. Using one card, re-installing the drivers, different drivers, etc Lately I've got it to where it crashes once a day to every few days (I wiped everthing related to ati/amd, installed the drivers with both cards in and the newest drivers, which I have done before, but it never work ). But before it was crashing several times day. It was doing this with just one card in too. It help for awhile when I put really old drivers on my system, but I noticed a lose of performance (pretty big in some games).

Every time I tried to find the problem on the internet, I kept finding people with the same problem, but to real solution. Then I eventually found several threads saying that the 5000 series of graphics cards are just pron to crashing (especially the 5750s and 5770s).

Havent really had that much of a problem with those to cards at work, not more then any other card. Ofcource some of them are defect, but both, that is really rare i think.

Is it bluescreen or just freeze?

If its bluescreen, what code is it?

Freeze could sometimes be solved with taking out your Memory blocks, blow on them and in the slot on the motherboard, and put them back in.

It could also be a good idea to run something called Seatools to test your harddisk, and Memtest to test your Memory for any defects.