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Old 04-13-2008, 07:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Feweh View Post
Not being negative at all.

If you've played Stronghold or Stronghold 2 you've felt how fustrating it is when the enemie sits so far away from your base with 10 trebuchets and just constantly FIRE AND FIRES AND FIRES.

See in Stronghold when catapults or trebuchets hit your walls your men went flying and always died when they fell. So you could arm your wall with everything possible and they'd just sit back and destroy you with a trebuchet and a few archers.

As (forgot your name ) the producer said, walls arent just going to disapear which is a big relief, because in other games the wall just disapears and the enemy walks in, kills the fun. So what i want is a system that makes thing fun, makes sieges sieges.

Now of course theres gonna be catapults and stuff, but they should be used to destroy towers (Not completely) and wall parts, not completely destroy the wall etc.
Ahh sorry, just sounded as if you were being negative :P

No offense but the strongholds games are...well crap lol, there rather weak attempts at mimicking good siege warfare.

Well first off you have to take into consideration the actually power of a 20 ton boulder hurling down from the sky at about 100+ mph...that's eventually going to start to do some pretty devastating damage to you and your walls/defenses.

Walls will not disappear so i hear, their rumble will be left behind which will provide a bit of added struggle to ground units mainly infantry, but of course inevidently units will get through the walls, push back, destroy or open your gates and then your in the sh1t lol.

You mention a lot of what you dont want to happen...but dont actually elaborate about what you do want to happen . Make sieges sieges and make it fun...yeah but what do you suggest?

What other units do you think would be able to take a down a wall? Well AFAIK a battering ram will do the job very well. But then again vulnerable to infantry. Trebuchets were originally designed to knock wall mounted defenses off cities such as archers cant down their real life historical origins lol, Oh as well a spread disease and famine into the cities as well, via rotting...all sorts hehe. Then usually whilst your enemy is running around disoriented, you try your best to get your siege towers up close to the walls so you can begin to climb over them, and fight your way through then, and climbs back further over to invade the city full scale.

Walls shouldn't protect you from everything, there not designed to withstand Armageddon (imagine that hehe), they are there as said loads of times, to hinder and slow your enemies movements (and of course to take serious punishment as well, to better enable you to control your opponent), so you can get onto the counter offensive which would be via Cavalry and infantry for the siege equipment, and your own archers and catapults to batter there forward bases and troops into retreating. Turtling just means NEVER means sit there and do nothing...its a "wait for them to come to you, to get suppressed by your defenses, then to get crippled by you army that's been lay in wait for opponent" kinda thing.

I really wouldn't worry, DoF's system sounds incredibly intuitive even at this stage