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Old 07-19-2007, 07:22 PM
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Default Unit Specific Animations

Although maybe a little late in the development I thought I'd bring up something that is not particularly necessary, but really adds to the environment and feel of a game.

Unit Specific Animations, something you can see in Dawn of War or Medieval Total War 2. Something that has always taken me out of a game is watching units just hack and slash, cycling through 2-3 attack animations over and over again until the enemy dies. Although it's not as bad as I bring it up to be, it's still pretty dull. Some games like to throw in extra animations, like a finishing blow or a fancy sword maneuver when dispatching an enemy. You'll notice it in Medieval Total War 2 where a unit will land several blows on an enemy and then finish him off.

I was wondering if Dawn of Fantasy would incorporate this, and if the devs hadn't thought of it, if there was any way they could consider it.
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