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Old 04-13-2008, 06:08 PM
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Not being negative at all.

If you've played Stronghold or Stronghold 2 you've felt how fustrating it is when the enemie sits so far away from your base with 10 trebuchets and just constantly FIRE AND FIRES AND FIRES.

See in Stronghold when catapults or trebuchets hit your walls your men went flying and always died when they fell. So you could arm your wall with everything possible and they'd just sit back and destroy you with a trebuchet and a few archers.

As (forgot your name ) the producer said, walls arent just going to disapear which is a big relief, because in other games the wall just disapears and the enemy walks in, kills the fun. So what i want is a system that makes thing fun, makes sieges sieges.

Now of course theres gonna be catapults and stuff, but they should be used to destroy towers (Not completely) and wall parts, not completely destroy the wall etc.