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Old 04-13-2008, 04:33 PM
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Default Races

I was wondering what you all thought of for some new races? There are the regulars I can think of we can add like demons, undead, and dwarves. Then there are some things you don't usually see or something unique:

1. An avion race that would be like bird people they would be able to fly of course. Maybe you could have you troops fly up on trees and they would have a greater vision. Also many of there troops would be able to pick up troops with there talons and drop them. You could have a troop that could ride an ostrich like creature. There base would probaly be a giant tree. enemies seigeing them would have to climb up the tree or they could try and burn parts. Not all birds live in nests so you could have burrows were some of you people could live. They would have a hatchery were the chicks would grow and peasants could go for protection if they were under attack

2. Gnomes those would be cool and they aren't just tinkerers if you have ever played a game called runescape, they have gnomes "which are these little green guys who alwasy wear pointy hats" They don't tinker actually they are sorta like the traditional elves they live in trees and use bows and arrows. They also ride theys big birds called terrorbirds and fly around gliders. The gnome city would have wooden walls with some trees holding up diffrent buildings. There would be a ranch like thing were they would hold any mounts. Possibly if you wanted you could have diffrent tech trees. A nature like gnomes or the techno gnomes. And remeber Techno doesn't have to be futuristic gadgets I'm sure gnomes would be very good craftsmen with wood.

3. I think aquatic people would be cool. You could put your buildings underwater or in marshes. They should be able to tame and ride seamonsters. You could have frog like poeple as your peasents. The city would have the lower class things like farms or houses above water possibly in marshes and palaces and such in the water. The buildings under water would not to deep or maybe they could have platforms were they could submerge or unsubmerge. You would want the whole town to be seigeable and be able to be attacked by melee troops as well of course.

What ideas do the rest of you have?