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Originally Posted by Revan View Post
The thing with minecraft however is it was one guys project, which was incredibly lucky in its success as it was not advertised in its early release to which it sold many copies. He also allowed everyone to try without buying and can still to this day for 2 years XD and when you buy it the hype runs out in about a week or two lol. This is a much more complex game. His is free, and if you feel like getting a different feel out of it its 20 bucks for a game thats not finished but unlike Dawn of Fantasy has no real goal lol, theres not a specific way its supposed to work out, its arcade style fun. This game however is different, its going for so much more and its employees have a lot more invested in it then Minecraft.
Oh I agree with that he did have experiance from his role in Wurm Online. He pretty much made a great game that people fealed the need to talk about and tell others how cool the game was. I only mentioned minecraft because it does show how much hype and people talking about a certain game can get you customers with little need to advertise.

Most titles being made are always hyped up with sneak peaks and snippets on community sites I have only seen a few articles I just hope the devs do not leave it too late to start getting the hype up.