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Old 04-13-2008, 04:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Brightgalrs View Post
A good defense is never the best offense. You can't conquer a enemy if you sit back and let hims take over.
However a good offense is always the best defense. If the enemy is defending, they are not attacking.

I agree with you but that's...not what I meant sorry I'll say it again.

True...a good defensive is never the "best" offense, i shouldnt of said that lol, but theres no reason a good defensive cant be "offensive"

Imagine a situation where you have a 1000 unit army, now imagine an incredibly well defended city with 9 or 10 layers of walls, endless guard towers, long range defensive siege engines, and anti infantry. Your gonna have problems.

Your not always defending if you turtle, (unless your a noob and have no idea how to play the strategy). An offensive defense is more of generic term for the direction of play, you rely on your base to fend off major threats whilst your own army can do the important flank work, and rid you of your forward base then ya go, a defensive offense. Your being suppressed by defenses, whilst getting overwhelmed by this huge random army that's just appeared.

But yes your right in saying if you just sit back and wait, not a good idea. You gotta get out there. Which most turtles i see fail at...they take far to long and mostly do nothing and just wait for you...layer attack works best then *shifts eyes* sshh

But alas I'd need to experiment heavily with what works best in which situation. I would think the game would "aim" you into using a variety of tactics.

Hence why I reckon different games modes should do the trick, like in my other post.

The biggest weakest which I always see with rushers is that, they always attack in huge clumps and concetrate on one particular area which is stupid and never works, because then you just choke all the access points and lead them into traps.

Oh btw it would be so cool to be able to hide our archers on the walls, then click a button to have them pop-out and lay waste to your enemies below . hehe always wanted to see that.