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Old 04-12-2008, 09:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Puppeteer View Post
man I need a computer like yours... mine struggles to run heroes of might and magic 3!! lol jk I kid, I kid of course, it's a good laptop for it's price esp.
Love my comp, has its probs of course but then again we all do.

But mainly because ive got such stupid amounts of AV and Firewalls and security settings enabled it can be hard to breath at times for my comp, but this is mainly because in my earlier newbie years, i didn't really care for AV or anything like that and got tons of viruses and threats and stuff. Now for some reason all these security scanners (the ones that work haha) keep saying things like "Your computer appears to not even exist on the Internet" and things like "sorry for the long waiting on the scan, but this is very good news because it shows your machine is extremely good and preventing nearly all forms of unknown pinging and information requesting services" and meanwhile am like "wtf? lol if you say so ". Honest to god that's true...+ its proven because i never get viruses anymore unless im stupid enough to accidentally turn my stuff off *cough* happened once *cough*

Majorly off topic sorry

Anywho...I could do with a good laptop, i get bored easily in the real world hehe need to bring my games and work with me, work a little bit on a Uni essay, then take a break for some UT3 online w00t >