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Old 04-12-2008, 08:54 PM
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Originally Posted by The Witch King of Angmar View Post
I'm always on the offensive, I hate turtling.
As they say...a good offense is the best defense...but then again a good defense can be the best offense.

From what it looks like...immediate rushing would be a bad idea in this game as i dont reckon you would be able to do much, it does seem very much city based. BUT very cleverly allows for any and all strategies to take focus.

I dont always turtle, but for RTS's where bases are essential then I likes dawn of war or company of heroes or starcraft and warcraft etc, all are much more unit focused and turtling is the worst thing you could possibly do on those games.

But for games like this...i would like to sit back and admire my creations, explore the map, and create my army. I'm like a hybrid, turtle...but get out there asap to claim all the good stuff. I even have secret strategies such as while im hunting for resources and taking my small squads for wander around for other enemy squads...i end up setting up special places around the map where...wait, im not gonna say lol in case im against 1 of you lot 1 day haha :P.

Overall its just my play style mostly, im good with it, and its proven its effectiveness. Don't call me strictly a turtle though, as i said, I'm often experimenting with bizarre strategies