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Old 04-12-2008, 08:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Sauron_9Gods9_Ldr View Post
ok Tran STOP PALYING EAS GAY GAMES EXSAMPEL AOE 3 try a real fun game that is still around like age of mytholigy its allmsot dead but its better there your exsampels your giving :/ btw aom has the best map edator of all time ^^
OK first of all, learn to spell. Secondly, don't tell me what to and what not to play. Thirdly, I've played and have Age Of Mythology, been there done that and indeed it is a good game..(but the editor isn't that great). Fourthly, no...that's your opinion, AOE3 has an extremely advanced particle system for its genre, and its a brilliant game and remains one of my favourites. Fifthly...if your going to express your disliking for something, don't use terms like "gay", are you 11 or something? (no offense to mature 11 year olds lol)


Lol indeed , but something tells me he mite of meant to say "these" or...meh w/e

@ Fomenko

You have confused me horribly now lol, i dont quite get what you mean but ill give it a shot hehe:

Your 1st point:

so...on release, the MMO will be free and cost nothing extra? Cool that's good

2nd point:

Only if it becomes popular and people take to it and you need more servers, is when there may be added fee's? right...I guess that makes sense


Most will be free but a "VIP" access? What will that be? Some kind of thing you have a choice to do when going to register the game such as "Become a VIP member and get exclusive content immediately upon release" or...leading onto your 4th and 5th point, when you got enough added content available to buy your gonna create and expansion pack at around £9 pound or so, but eventually after that your gonna make it free?

I dont understand that principal =S, In some aspects is sounds like you may be harming your regular players/customers by choosing to make certain things only available to "VIP" players and cost extra, but im guessing you've got that sorted . so.... kinda of an optional "buy now if your a heavy and regular MMO player or wait later if your more of single player kinda guy for it too be free" I assume the prices would be for supporting your new servers and the games future (as you said)...if it expands into a full blown sequel or if you guys decide make a full overall game expansion (but id be happy to pay for some stuff if it really became great hehe)

As long as you dont charge for...every single piece of new content (which you said you wouldn't so that's cool)

So its sorta give the option to hardcore players to get new content asap...but in a way aren't you sort of restricting the average single players? You mention and "online campaign" that sounds great!...but what about additional content for single player and skirmish?

Finally what the hell is a "macro VISA to Game money economy and market"? Is in "real" money? Or resources and income you get by/from your online conquests? I think the latter would be a great idea...say for example... before the next battle you could have the option to go to the market or (maybe even an auction house?) and choose to spend your income on exclusive units/buildings/upgrades/technology that's only available via the a cost of maybe not having as many resources readily available in your next battle for regular use. That could work sooooooooo well, but you would have to make sure you balance it somehow to ensure players just dont spent all there resources into epic units or items w/e and ignore the primary gameplay elements, something like that would indeed rock...but feel free to elaborate more on what it is/does/ how it works .

Sure is shaping up to be pretty awesome!