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Old 04-12-2008, 05:55 AM
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fine, I hate your essays because they're too long comparitively speaking for this forum
If this living-world-map/meta map were to be played online, it raises the contreversial issue of taking too long to play and finish. I know that EA tried for battle for middle earth 2 to have War of the Ring mode available online, but it took too long to complete and people got bored and left. Afterall, what is it but just playing skirmishs in an order of your choice?... huh?
So they tried to rectify this by allowing you to save it, but of course it was hard to arrange a time when the opponents could carry on. Most often, it was abandoned. I wouldn't want anything like this to happen on DoF, or a feeling of contempt will arise concerning the living-world-map, as did in bfme2. The War of the Ring mode could take days to complete...
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