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Originally Posted by The Witch King of Angmar View Post
I'd say maybe to that. It might tie in with the campaign but I'd rather have an online world map kind of game because I think it would be a lot better than just playing yourself.
Agreed. Real people are always more fun

Has anyone tried out the Dreamlords beta? Incredibly weird game...its sort of like a MMORPRTSPWBTG (Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Real Time Strategy Partially Web Based Text Game) lol xD.

Basically it has a meta map style of progression play...mixed with heavy RPG elements, mixed with a web based unit and building and resource managing elements, with RTS battling all wrapped together into a complete, ever growing MMO world.

IMO its horribly complicated, to slow, bad graphics (even for a beta) and comprises of this hugely daunting tech/research tree which just sucks the fun right out...

Although it was extremely unique and was trying to merge a good mix of ultimately fails IMHO because of how complex and...well...boring the battles are, it has pvp as well but blah ¬¬ it kinda sucked.

Also been trying games such as, sins of a solar empire, eve online and other Space based mmo's/game...

Sins reminds me too much of SupCom. Tiny scale, slow moving, boring gameplay, uninteresting combat at utterly bizarre AI. Oh and again theres far to much detail, same with eve...horribly complicated ><. There both/ all pretty good, and probably great games for there genre but to me are just a little daunting.

Anyway whats my point to all this? WoW is the simplest mmo ever...been there done it...I want DOF game now! Heh.

But...Paraworld is great though , bit neglected, and rather cheesy and generic in places, but its fun...armored dinosaurs for crying out loud! Who wouldn't love that lol.

Oh yeah few more question:

1) Will the MMO side of DOF require any additional fee's to play on? I hope not as that would suck ><

2) Will the MMO side of DOF, be constantly updating and provide new content every now and then? Or is it not that sort of basis of MMO..?

3) Just went back and read something about, your able to customise your "own" hero in the MMO side of DOF? That's sounds awesome, can we have more detail on that? How diverse...are we talking about a range from, size of eye lashes to the type of armor and weapons he/she wears ? Hehe. (can we mix and match our heroes and/or be able to custom paint them?)

4) Which leads me onto the question of...will we be able to custom paint our armies or buildings like in Dawn of War? That would be fun ^^.

That's all for now and again, many thanks in advance

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