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Old 04-11-2008, 05:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Feweh View Post
I really hate it when the enemy has long range catapults/trebuchets and they just sit there constantly pounding at any troops you have on the wall etc.

Also, you mentioned you can gather resources from the dead enemies.

Can you emphasize on that?
Your being unnecessarily negative you know, I assume you've been reading whats been said about siege?

Its not like other games where if someone was to amass a single unit the game is won simply due to the overpowering nature of the unit.

Technically in my opinion if your stupid enough to sit back and get you self into those kinds of situations its your own fault...but the example screenshot from posted would not be a particularly difficult situation to get out of, considering you have units and know how to manage them.

Looking closer at the image you dont see any trebuchets firing do you? So I doubt they will have that much of a extreme range, if they did, im sure your cities defences will include long range counter measures.

But what do you expect? To be in a completely invulnerable situation where nothing can damage any of your defenses? For example, the turtle strategy doesn't work like that, it works by building up a base and emphasising priority on defense, choking, resources, and slowing enemy movement with those defenses as much as possible...up to a point of course...THEN you slowly begin to amass an army your self, which you can afford to exhaust all at once since if your dont have to worry about your main base being swamped as soon as you leave...remember "defence" shouldn't be seen as to mean the same as "invulnerable". Your defenses are designed to slow, hinder, distract, surprise and to maybe overwhelm your enemy...NOT to cripple them...crippling is what your amassed army is for.

@ Your question.

Its called unit looting, you "loot" (or technically speaking, recycle) dead troops and stuff into resources which you can use against your enemy for a counter attack, hence my strategy I explained above to counter the situation in the screenshot (upon consideration obviously).

Nothing is set in stone dude, there will (most of the time) only be massively powerful strategies, and not massively powerful units. Then again even if there were, I wouldn't expect to seen billions of them. maybe only a few at a time or even just 1 that "has a chance" to severely shift the game in your favour...or your enemies of course.

Trebuchets...or maybe even things like, or similarly named to, the "Doom bringers", which AFAIK where like trebuchets except they were around twice the size, twice as slow, but hurled dozens of much bigger rocks/boulders than a standard trebuchets ammunition...Imagine throwing a tennis ball at someone, only to have them through an entire bag of footballs back at you, that sort of scale...but had a bit less range in terms of it to be fully utilised.

But they were rather later on in technology so I'm not sure if DOF will cover that period since it was right at the end of the era upon when they (or we technically) moved on to proper use gunpowder and other forms of ranged, heavy damage dealing military machines.

Having said all that, we will have to wait and see for our selves via some more in game footage and eventually, the demo