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Old 04-11-2008, 03:16 PM
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HOLY CRAP!!!! That's what am talking about!! Total chaos is what that looks as if it will turn into, and you call those "camps"? ROFL, there more like front line mini forts! Even better haha. Lol that towns gonna get pwned, it only appears to have its main outer walls and when they go...PAIN >< .

I had no idea that's what you meant by camps, i was thinking just some units which could build a few small structures, produce a few quick siege units to have a stab at the city hehe, not a full blown secondary mid field base xD Great stuff =D.

I would assume the differences in armour/hp wise between those palisade walls and the fortified stone city walls is considerably large i would hope =] (stupid question i know some rts's theres just no diff). But cool, such a tease though grrr! =D

Man....just awesome! Which raises more questions :

- Will those trebuchets be able to reach the city's walls from that distance?
- If they fast will the reload time be on them?
- How would the player in the city then counter? I.E. what would be a good tactic? I would assume some very fast moving infantry are cavalry to many come out 2 sides gates on the city, flanking the siege equipment, and then initiating a complete pincer attack on the siege equipment, and whilst the player is busy trying to keep you off his siege gear, your very own siege, or general structure attacking units come slowly up from behind to assault there "camps", almost a sorta "DENIED!!!!!!!!!" for your enemy hehe ^^. Well that's how I'd do it anyway.

BTW i see a lot of infantry behind the camp imagine if like 6 gates opened at once and you just see 1000's of units rush towards the walls with boulders flying over your head and arrows whizzing past...

That would be a great moment for maybe a "cinematic camera" or something along those lines, or a First Person Perspective in which you literally see through 1 individual unit eyes...that would be epic, or some "follow" cam which works in the same way except you can freely look around...and see for your self that rock of death come hurtling at your ...and then to zoom all the way back out to near tactical level...truly, if you guys really do allow fully scalable camera angles (and maybe let us set up our own like said above) We could create our own movies or something hehe that would ROCK!...I assume you would allow us to save a reply of the battle?

Ooh...I so cant wait for this now, need...more...videos...cant......wait.........>< hehe that will keep me soundly dreaming for a while though hehe, thanks fomenko

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