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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
Most new developers even when working with the publisher save their marketing budget until it`s almost release team. And especially with MMO games it makes sense to market the game once it`s out.

During the next two month we should see activity pick up with up to 12,000 keys to be given away, beta forums going public, new video trailers, and preview in gaming media.

So yeah - everything`s according to plan.
I dunno Trion did it great they had some really good marketing.

They was doing 100 keys user giveaways with almost any MMO Site you could think of. Everyone wanted to try it or play it. Everyone was talking about it trying to get keys best as possible. Soon as a sites forums started to talk less about the game they would release 100 more keys.

They then gave away keys that gave people a chance to get into beta. You could not go to a single MMO site hearing about it because of the Hype. Now look at them it worked for them if they had not of done this method of marketing I bet you they would not have 1/3rd of subs they have now.

Best marketing method is hype up the community get everyone talking about it and wanting to play it. You have a great game and a great concept but I only found out about this game on the off chance anyone I mentioned it to has no idea what DoF is. But the way they marketed RIFT everyone had heard of it way before beta with all the keys being handed out giving people a chance of beta testing.

It is never just about the game it is all about the selling the game

Sadly community hype and getting people talking about a game on every forum out there will get you far more users than a few adds here and there and a box in a shop it is just how the gaming community works now.

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