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Old 04-10-2008, 08:23 PM
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Sweet at all those points ! Keeps getting better and better ^^! Its all news to me

@ number 4, I'll elaborate further if i was unclear:

Time in, would in be a mythical era set around medieval times or around the time of the crusades? From what i can tell it seems to be around that era.

BTW 1 more question from me or more like a suggestion:

- Some kind of meta map game mode? Sort of like...battle for middle earths war of the ring mode or universe at war global domination kinda style (Risk layout in other words)?

I think that would be a brilliant idea, especially since this game has such a huge emphasis on epicness haha. Controlling territories, taking over all the world of mythador etc, great fun for a single player skirmish mode or online.

Here's a breakdown on how it works for those unfamiliar with the "meta map" concept

When you start, you usually begin with 1 main territory which will be your stronghold, or your base and maybe 1 other territory, now depending on which concept you follow, you either do the following of two.

On your turn, you go to attack or inspect or capture a neutral territory, a begin setting expanding your kingdom or empire w/e slowly across the meta-map, upon these you may have a few slots to place structures upon when you gain requisition, which is gained from controlling areas to spend on upgrades, structures, defenses or additional units on your journey to conquer all the land, maybe 1 or 2 slots.

Some territories mite give you specific bonuses which aid you in some way, disadvantage the enemy or provide some other global effect. You can only move to attack or capture 1 territory per turn, and eventually you will run into a territory or an enemy that cant simply be capped, it must be fought for. so you either have a choice to fight it out in real time, which would take you to a normal skirmish map where you build up and battle it out for the territory or you "auto resolve" which determines your military strength vs there's and calculates the winner from that, of course its better to fight it out in real time on the map it self.

So if you win, you gain that territory and all its associated bonus's, and the enemy is pushed back a little. Some fights may have bits of narrative thrown in, or quests and or objectives that you must do to fully claim the territory, which is the case when you come to attack an enemy stronghold, heavily fortified citadel of ominous defense, you've come so far, gathered and developed a mighty army...are you truly ready to claim their land as your own? Purely reliant on your total requisition, bonus's and upgrades you've gained and researched from all other territories, you must attempt to set up a small base and attack immediately, no time for a thriving city, this is what you have been working towards! Stronghold fights are usually the most epic because usually they contain special scripted events that liven up the battles substantially, and are the combination of all your work of battling across the meta-map to there stronghold and i where you truly get to experience the madness of 1000's of units desperately trying to siege a mighty city..far and wide.. for the good of their race!

And if you win you claim there land, basic base and "racial bonus" as well as other rewards. Then its off to destroy the other player...or will he destroy you?

If you fail to assault and destroy a stronghold, you become severely crippled for the rest of your turn, with only your hero left and maybe 1 squad, you will have to rely on how well you set up your defenses on the territories you captured and fought for earlier if you are then attacked...but of course you will be severely disadvantaged and have to re-train units from scratch on the battlefield...a cruel but realistic and fair approach I'd say.

Bases you make and build on territories you fight for will carry over (as they would in real life)

Now the other way of play is the same as above except every territory apart from your stronghold is controlled by another player (or AI), and you (and/or your team mates, since the meta-map style can be done in teams very nicely) must battle it out in real time to defeat them, or auto-resolve if your defending etc.

Ok so...all that is only basically how it works, i havent mentioned all about the upgrades and territory re-enforcement and diverting and splitting up squads etc lol because of the added detail required heh.

But still, its really fun, and can truly enhance the life of an RTS.

But then again that's just an idea...if it ain't implemented im sure we could "mod" it into the game as a new mode

Wow ive typed loads again lol, apologies

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