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Old 04-10-2008, 05:16 PM
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Originally Posted by †TYRANICK†™ View Post
Rawr I have more questions :

Question 117: (lol joking =P). Anywho:

1) Others ways of winning?

I just began to wonder, like with skirmish mode/ Single player and/ or maybe MP, will there be other ways of winning besides destroying the enemy? Such as maybe...diplomatic victory, resource victory, or maybe like some kind of "structure specific" win, for example like a Wonder from AOE? That would be cool, or maybe any of the following "win conditions"?

-Regicide: One must protect a monarch or hero at all costs and kill the enemies king or monarch or something.

-Hold the area: Maybe some kind of "cover this much land or areas" and you win, sorta like a king of the hill kinda mode.

Or things like that lol.

2) Amount of units/buildings/upgrades?

Estimated, can you give us some idea yet?

3) Single player day/night cycle?

I here there isn't going to be one in SP, any ideas as to why this is? Will there be maps/levels set at different times of day? I reckon that would be a better idea, just as a suggestion .

4) Approximate time period?

I was just wondering, what approximate time period are we talking here? For example would guard towers or what ever scale from arrows to cannon balls or rocks or what?

5) Hero/Army wargear!!

Dam i cant believe i forgot this question...but will your hero/hero's units be customizable or gain wargear or usable items? For example better armor, weapons, gain new abilities a bit like dawn of war: dark crusade? For example...either by maybe...artifacts or items scattered about a map (similar to Age of Empires 3) which benefit your hero or your army in general? Or maybe items rewarded as you progress through single player? As it would be cool to see your hero's slowly evolve and become stronger as time goes on .

6) Diversity on single player races stories.

For example...are you planning completely different scripted stories for each of the 4 races? Or are you some how blending it together into 1 big "From your races point of view" style of gameplay?

And err yeah that's all i got for now. Thank you in advance
Ok here we go.

1. I'd say maybe to other ways mainly through diplomacy.

2. Alot. There will be alot of customization in this game as far as castle and units are concerned.

3. Yes there is a day/night cycle.

4. I'm not quite sure what your asking.

5. Maybe, you will be able to get xp for them as well as your units which will have new appearances once upgraded.

6. All have seperate stories.

Again feel free to correct me, Reverie, if I'm wrong on anything.

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