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Old 04-10-2008, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Joseph Visscher View Post
The Gate is a way to enter a base, but you'll need a good deal of troops and a few good battering rams. most of your enimies army will be around the front gate.
But its not the only way, theres ladders and siege towers, and 'other units' that give access to wall peices, they attach themselves and your units ( or the enemies') can use it as a pathway right up on the walls to hopfuly fight there way along the walls and down the stairs or. to get down into the stronghold..

What strategy im thinking of, is this,
Keep your main army with battering rams hidden infront of the stronghold, then send a small army with a seige tower around to the back side of the stronghold, where less guys would be defending it on the walls.
Quickly attach the siege tower and get this small army on the walls to provide a Distraction behind the stronghold, and hopefuly the enemy would move most or all of his army up and around to the backside of his walls to fight off my small decoy army. then, when his army is occupide with that, i rush the front gate and swarm in!

I'm gona try this stat on Kon when we play, he wont know what hit him!
Pretty good strategy there...but would be significantly flawed against a professional turtle such as me :P (OK i exaggerate lol chill)

I always make sure, in strategy games, to keep my entire base equally defended and allow a smooth transition of re-enforcements to particular areas (if there under attack) whilst never dispatching ANY of my major forces away from critical points in my base. I always distribute evenly around my base and only move partial portions of my inner defenses to spots under attack or rely them either way.

Of course if i was attacked heavily from all sides then a significant shift of defense would be needed, such as trying to control the more powerful units and take them down first, then lead away weaker units, and keep close eye on the tactical map . Then again I would try building walls and small bastions and defenses in choke points of maps, focusing heavily on crippling enemy forces movement around a map or any crucial areas.

Oh and did i forget to mention ambushes? hehe :P

That leads me onto another question.

Will there be any form of stealth or tactical units which have reduced detection from normal units...or maybe blend in with the environment? That would be cool...

+ Back onto siege it self, will there be any of these structures/units talked about in the first two levels dialogue? Such as...boiling oil, tumbling rocks and trenches? Or maybe a mote? Hehe a mote and draw bridge would be sweet :P

+ One thing ive always wanted to see in a game like really high "high ground" pieces of land such as hills/ cliffs/ or even mountains, would be brilliant to build a base on like a mountain peak and have an even greater advantage over you enemies due to them struggling up hill hehe...maybe even environmental effects such as...tumbling rocks or avalanches or some other forms of using the environment to your advantage would be great...hiding units in dense forests, settings traps (maybe a hero ability), all good ideas i reckon =D.

Which reminds me, we gonna see a "cover" system in DOF? Like light or heavy or negative/exposed cover, defensive or offense bonus's and such?

Oh and by the way if your putting in trebuchets...please make them MASSIVE. Very irritating in AOE that they were so small . You never got the feeling or sound effects that you really were hurling massive boulders through the air...take "Kingdom of heaven" or "lord of the rings" as good examples to look at...excellent dynamic attention to detail and sound on siege equipment in those films . Specially when they start smashing through the walls X_X...epic!

Would be soooo cool to zoom all the way down to a hero point of view, walk towards a wall and suddenly have a massive explosion in front of you as the rocks and debris go flying everywhere as a ball of rock and fire smashes through your gate or wall that really would be supreme gameplay! I so hope DOF game effects are similar to that, because it so deserves it .

Oh and BTW (night time battles + trebuchets/catapults x flaming boulders of rock = Epic 1337 win! =D)