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Originally Posted by Andy Joslin View Post
Hey Errant,

I looked back at our name discussion for the Bladestorm. To recap... originally it was named the High Elven Defender. The first name change they thought of was to make it Avenger or Fanatic. Then they moved away from that toward Blade Dancer. But then head writer Gordon Farrel thought Blade Dancer was just a little too "artsy fartsy" , so they decided to use Bladestorm.
Hmm. I suppose that makes sense. Blade Dancer IS kind of "artsy fartsy" but remember, we're dealing with Elves.

I know it's generalizing and hardly fair to lump all versions in the fantasy genre together but the general image of elves are elitist snobs who are holier than thou, at one with nature, masters of magic, et cetera.

I do like Avenger, too.

Bladestorm isn't terrible, but I don't know. It just sounds weird for a unit name. I've always ever encountered it as an ability which is probably why.
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