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Ultimately you`ll be the judge of how well DoF sieges turn out, but I hear you - this was exactly how our designers felt when approaching DoF siege combat. We all played these games for countless months, and siege experience always left a bad feeling, even in games like Stronghold.

Let me address some of your questions (luckily I directly worked with DoF sieges, and this is a topic I am well familiar with)

Our approach to sieges and walls in general: walls are not just a small obstacle in way of one army reaching another, its a gameplay field we force players to take.

...just attack a single wall or corner, this means only one Catapult and defensive wall stands to fire back.
Wont work. Yes, it would take few Trebuchets around a minute and a half to bring down a wall. But the large bunch of rubble a damaged wall is not something your units can get other, and besides - wall mounted Trebuchet would fire back and easily take down all of your 'few' Trebuchets in less than a minute.

Don't make walls disapear, make them become a bunch of rumble that the enemie slowly has to cross over or jump over
Exactly the case.. It`s quite easy for catapults to damage the wall, making it impassible by units. You can even take down the tower. But - to get inside your units would have to climb over and open the gate from inside.

Well everyone just masses about 10 catapults, fires at the wall it disapears infantry come outta nowhere without taking any damage at all run in win.
In Dawn of Fantasy - you have to scale the walls. You have to build very cheap siege towers and ladders, which can be constructed right by the wall by your simple army units - BUT - you have to climb them and fight enemy units on the walls.