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Old 04-09-2008, 06:28 PM
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Default Siege Fears

Every game thats a strategy and based in the medieval times always takes a crack at sieges.

Everytime they fail.
Stronghold, stronghold 2 , BFME, BFME2 and so on.
All failed.

Why, because the players are smart enough to completely avoid the siege defences set up.

What do i mean? Well players have come to the conclusion to just attack a sungle wall or corner, this means only one Catapult and defensive wall stands to fire back.

They then knock it down by doing what? Well everyone just masses about 10 catapults, fires at the wall it disapears infantry come outta nowhere without taking any damage at all run in win.

This is a common problem where everyone just masses artilerry and attacks a small area on your castle.

So what measures are being taken to prevent this, because in the video you see the orcs using ladders etc, in a real game i simply see everyone gathering 10 catapults and firing on a wall.

My suggestion? Don't make walls disapear, make them become a bunch of rumble that the enemie slowly has to cross over or jump over, not instantly it just disapears and it's a opening.

Catapults should be used to destroy towers and trebuchets and defensive stuff, not completely getting rid of wall sections.