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Old 04-09-2008, 05:08 PM
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Sorry im in no way flaming, but you couldn't be more incorrect.

The Xbox 360 and PS3 come no where near graphical power and processing power of a top of the line PC (£1000+ such as mine)

And you cant say it "has a better graphics card" compared to what...? lol.

If you want some Idea of what they both use...then here ya go . The PS3 uses a modified version of geforces late G80- series (just before G92). BUT you could call it a "multi developed GF8000" Which gradually its power becomes fully optimal when games come out which can utilise all of its power. Its a future proofing technique all consoles have had and will have...which technically makes them more cost effective compared to PC's because graphics just about keep up as technology advances. The 360 uses Radeon or ATI chip set, again modified and again "multi developed", games will keep up graphically as time and technology advances.

But since a PC can upgrade "physically" every single part of it every 4-8 months, then naturally a top-of-the-line PC squashes any hope of any console keeping up.

For example try getting over 200+ FPS on UT3 on a PS3 with 32 people playing online with the largest map? you cant...since its capped at 60 ish both the game by default and PS3 and 360 in general...sort of like a permanent Vsync. But as many UT3 PS3 owners will say...custom maps and graphical settings, even though slight, bog it down considerably

Both consoles do not operate on a directX level which comes anywhere near DX10 or 9.0c since it uses a different type of distinction. The G92 chip sets and new 9x series graphics cards coming well as dual tri and eventually Octycore processors (6 and 8 processors) and dx10.1...I'm sorry but PC's graphics and power will always surpass a console in every way.

Lol obviously a color TV would help, but remember all "HD" is, is a substantial increase in per pixel resolution and ocular liquid crystal display quality (basically how good and expensive and reliable the LC's of the D actually are). I have a HD monitor, i can tell you it does definitely ramp up picture quality (since im on 1080p its pretty dam nice)

So in conclusion, PC will have the better graphics. Hence why crysis isn't on any consoles (yet anyway) simply too good looking and powerful + crytek said it themselves.

@ Iceblast...

That's what i said dude...i was saying there wont be any for the 360, a downloader system may be introduced though so that's one good thing for you . Wonder it it will come out for PS3 in the future...hmmmm

Sorry for going horribly off topic but it seems people dont really know the full story here.

I'm sure the 360 version will be just as great a game as the PC version will be

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