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Originally Posted by The Witch King of Angmar View Post
Same here. It gives me the sense that I have to play and update things regularly.
Indeed. I wonder how different online will be...

OK for example, would it have any features of worldshift? Which were basically as you progress through the game you earn rewards or artifacts which you can use to strengthen your units or your base or...some kind of MP feature were you continuously thrive and grow?

Then again played the worldshift beta...thought the gameplay was boring and far too easy...also I hated the idea that you were "forced" to go online, even to play single weren't that great either, even for a beta.

Things i did like as i mentioned about were the artifacts thing after levels and, the contribution it had on your units and buildings, also the background globe was cool too.

A/w back on topic...

I hope that the single player and skirmish modes are completely separated from online (in a solo sense) your not forced to be online. As the godawful constant DC's in worldshift killed it for me...

Which makes me wonder...if its an "MMO" RTS...Wouldn't that imply that there would be an almost limitless amount of upgrades and improvements you could research? (or a hell of a lot to say the least?)

We really need a new gameplay vid, as well as more info on MP and the dragon race....

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