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Old 04-01-2011, 07:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Anzz View Post
thx for the info
Anzz, please don't just spam 'thx for the info' in multiple threads (twice in this thread!)

I'm assuming you're doing that because 10 posts is listed as a criteria for beta sign-up, but...

Originally Posted by Brian Shingles View Post
Remember, those 10 posts need to be contributive posts. Spamming 'I want a beta key' in 10 threads isn't what we're after and won't get you into the beta.


If you're stuck for ideas of what to post, try some of these:
- Introduce yourself to the forum

- Say where you heard about Dawn of Fantasy

- Comment on one of the Fantasy Friday showcases or one of the media announcements that interests you

- Say which race you want to play and why

- Tell us what you're going to name your city

- Discuss which race you'd like to see added to the game

- Suggest a way to improve the game or comment on someone else's suggestion

- Contribute fan fiction or comment on someone else's contribution

- Discuss your favourite games

- Discuss your favourite TV shows

- Discuss great authors
I just quoted myself and it feels wrong :(
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