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The sentence you're quoting is something I personally wrote before joining Reverie or ever having played DOF. The game has changed much in the time that has passed, and any dated information must be taken with a grain of salt, especially when it does not come from an official source.

Yes, the Elves kick ass, but you cannot compare races based on individual unit strength. Units are organized into battalions of several units. The Elves have the least number of units in a battalion, while the orcs have the most - so that needs to be accounted for. Also, Elven battalions typically cost more than those of other races. The abundance of resources you brought up is an interesting consideration, but would have minimal effect on balance given restrictions such as the resource cap which would force players to manage their economies efficiently so as to only gather the resources they plan to use, and even at that, abundant resources may or may not be able to take on players with more experiences and units earned through quests or trade.

What it really comes down to is micromanagement and how the player wishes to play the game. For example, the Elves are unique in that they are best in the hands of players who anticipate what they're up against - as Elven formations are designed to be arranged before battle and the race in general caters to more of an organized defensive players. Orcs, on the other hand, can choose formations in the heat of the battle and have the numbers for flexibility, which opens up a vast array of strategic and offensive options.
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