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Old 03-30-2011, 08:44 PM
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So, let me make it clear: you think that Elves are overpowered because you have read some baseless argument on some fansite? Let's investigate this matter... I'll post here a comparisson of elite infantry for orcs and elves.

Elven "Grand Masters":--------------| --------------Orcish "Berserkers"|
16 members----------------------------| ------------------------24 members|
546 Health------------------------------| --------------------------545 Health|
20 Defence-----------------------------|---------------------------20 Defence|
------------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------|
Damage absorption:------------------| ------------------Damage absorption|
20 Crushing----------------------------| ---------------------------20 Slashing|
20 Piersing-----------------------------| ---------------------------20 Piersing|
------------------------------------------| -------------------------------20 Fire|
------------------------------------------| ------------------------------50 Cold|
------------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------|
Damage:--------------------------------| ------------------------------Damage:|
160 Slash-------------------------------| ------------------------------90 Slash|
------------------------------------------| -----------------------------60 Crush|
------------------------------------------| -----------------30 Pierce (total 180)|

As I'm sure you can see now, elves aren't all that tough. I may add stats for human elite infantry too, but I assure you it's not helpless as well.

(Err... I'm not breaking NDA, am I? It's an "open" beta, we can speak about the game openly right?)

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