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Originally Posted by GPS51 View Post
Well the devs revised the rules on the beta and made it 1 post . If you try to go toe to toe with equal level elves as orcs or men and don't have counters for them you will lose. You should be able to outnumber them without much trouble due to unit costs etc. Those numbers don't seem to have a big enough spread. I would assume an orc play should have at least a 30% advantage in units numbers over elves. Also the unit sizes themselves are bigger for orcs. Hope this helps.
Thank you for the quick reply GPS51, but you did tell me something that I didn't want to hear

I suppose in the overall picture the Dev's will make sure that the game is balanced, so there really is no need for me to worry.

And thanks for letting me know that the post count has been reduced, I've been browsing the forums searching for threads I could input on.

Originally Posted by swou View Post
Congraz on actually posting something useful for your 10 posts, most people just posts stuff like "yea I agree" 10 times on random posts, but I digress.

One of the things that you did not take into mind and should be, is the time it takes for the production of an army. For elves, armies also takes longer to produce than Orcs and Humans, so if you take into account of that, sure Elves may beat Orcs and Humans if the Orcs and Humans do not continue to produce in the back and supply the on going war, however, if the elf army beats the first Orc army, and right behind the fallen Orc army is a bran new army with the same amount of Orcs as the army before, the elves can than be seriously overrun just by the difference of how fast Orc units can show up at your front door. Not sure if you have played Star Craft before, but I think its the easiest way to explain. If you are playing Terran against Zergs, and the Zerg just keeps on ling rushing you, some times better units that takes way too long to create can cost you your whole city and game.
Swou, you are correct. I have not even come across a mentioning of production time, let alone account for it. Thank you very much.

I do know of starcraft but I haven't actually played it. I'm actually pretty noob to the whole RTS genre. Only one I can actually remember playing would be one of the Command and Conquers from way back.

I am going to buy Starcraft 2 just to learn some basics and have an idea of what to expect from DoF.

The truth is: I was searching for a different type of game from my usualy cookie cutter MMORPG's, and ran across DoF. Now I'm not just excited for the game itself but also the completely different type of gameplay. Here's to hoping I have the micromanagement skills to keep up with all you guys.

Dang, sorry got way off topic there. I actually think that is a great way to balance powerful units but still I worry. I feel like taking on an evenly matched elven army will be extremely hard, as well as disheartening.

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