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Old 03-30-2011, 02:23 PM
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Default OP Elf speculation

After a little bit of reading about the game, I am curious as to how well balanced the "end game" will be.

For instance: I've read from several sources that the elves will have the stonger, although more costly units.

Here's a quote from a DoF fansite that supports the above statement:
"Elven units, both their archers and melee units, are the most powerful units in the game. For example, one non-upgraded Elven Bladestorm unit is the military equivalent of 4+ Human soldiers or 5-6+ Orcs"

Now since each race has a unit limit that seems to be anywher from around 800 to 1000, I will ASSUME that the Elves limit will be closer to 800, men's will be around 900 and Orcs with their cheaper more expendable army will be 1000.

So lets consider (For a moment) perfect conditions for each race's army. Meaning Abundance of resources and time, maxed stronghold upgrades and so forth. Now we pit that army of 800 superior elven warriors against the 900 or so balanced soldiers of men and judging from the above quote, the elven army will win 10/10 times. This is even more pronounced against the 1000 strong orc army.

Believe me, I realise that I am reading way to much into some of the information provided. And there are a million variable's that I am not considering in my above example ( such as unit levels, stronghold defenses, Unit counters, player's skill, mercenaries and so on ) but theoretically the elven army will have an advantage when it comes to war.

As far as economy and being able to have enough resources to even reach the max number of units and replenish those that have been lost, I can only say this. I've read somewhere that you would be able to purchase resources as a microtransaction. So the Abundance of resources might not be so far stretched.

I guess the whole point of this post is to get someone who is in the know to say " Hey! Don't worry, it's not really like that." or " Yeah, theoretically your spot on"

Well thanks for reading, Im on post 3 of 10 for my beta invitation