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Old 04-08-2008, 08:58 AM
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Originally Posted by SPARROW94 View Post
crysis sheesh even an ps3 can run that
Offtopic but, let me clear up.

No offense and no mean to troll but, you should do your research. Crytek specifically said them selves: "The Xbox 360 and PS3, respectively, do not offer the sufficient power". Mainly because the PS3 and 360 both do not use a physical or emulatible form of replicating or producing DX10 quality processing power.

And show some respect, its one of...if not still, currently the most graphically and processer intensive games around (and a friggin awesome game at that)...should see some of the configs mate :P. (Until far cry 2 or maybe even DOF comes out hehe )

@ Your problem

Dont blame this site for your AV software, all clean and plain saling here. Nothing wrong with the site.


From what ive seen I would assume we could be talking...minimun of:

1 gig ram
7800 geforce + or equivilent


2-2.2 dual or quad
1.5-2 gigs ram
8 series or above/equivilent

Or something like that performance wise, would guess at around 8-12 gigs in size too lol.