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Old 04-08-2008, 08:45 AM
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Well i could guess a few obvious things here:

-No mod tools
-No map making toolz
-Reductions in graphical quality and quantity
-Much more difficult controls (meh?)

And err, the 1st 2 points is generically sure there will be pc mod tools that "mite" be able to be cooked for PC (similar to ps3/pc cooks)

Dont want to start any wars here but...the scale the PC version will have will be much greater than the 360 in terms of graphical quality, performance, and scale in terms of how much attention to detail there will be towards smaler units, finer details and flexibilty (in a generic view)

But it terms of overall gameplay and experience, im sure there will be minimal differences...although I do reccomend you get if for the PC for simple ease of use, and RTS's are after all designed for PC' of the 1st ever was nearly 25 years ago hehe...good old days (before i was born but still :P)