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Old 03-28-2011, 04:32 PM
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Crying about other people crying? Oh the delicious irony. There will always be dissatisfied people in every business. Asking them to shut up and go away is akin to asking the rain to stop because it's getting you wet. It's a part of any business and I am sure that Reverie studios was well aware of what they would face once open beta began.

That being said, if someone isn't satisfied with the way the open beta product is shaping up it's their responsibility to post their opinions. They don't always do so in a constructive manner but that doesn't mean you should automatically discount what they have to say.

Besides all that, saying QQ to someone is both disrespectful and another example of stupid internet speak that needs to go away. It exists solely to disrespect and has no redeeming value as either a word or as short hand. I easily question the maturity of anyone who uses that in conversation.