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Originally Posted by †TYRANICK†™ View Post

1) Naval combat, Game effects, particles more info? What can we expect?

So i was just wondering what we can expect from DOF?

2) Environments, maps sizes, weather? (if any)

Ive seen deserts, forests, canyons and a bit of both here and there, but what else can we expect to see? Can we expect Terran deformation/land scorching/maybe even forest fires? hehe that would be chaotic.

And how big can we expect to see maps or areas/environments? Are we talking between a range of...2-3 minutes from corner to corner with the fastest unit all the way up to 10-20 minute jobs? Such as maps like...well i dunno what dimensions you measure in, 1-5 real life miles or more?

Also weather, affect on game play? Or generic eye candy? What ranges can we expect to see? Sun-rain-snow-sleet-winds-storms etc. Or maybe acts of God? (in the generic sense) I.E. earthquakes, tsunamis, tornado's...meteors? Maybe im going a bit far heh.

3) Skirmish modes, mod making, map making and general flexibility of the engine. (I here you have an editor which claims to be "powerful" but just how powerful :P

How will your bases/cities or w/e work? Will it have such a system where...we could have some kind of blueprint which we could choose to save or use for skirmish modes? For example here's some different modes i could see that i reckon would be sweet:

-Normal skirmish/Team play etc

Normal game play as such, build a base, rack up armies, waste opponents etc...cap special resources (if any) are there minor civs we can use to aid us at all? Well a/w yeah, normal play. This is generically speaking, i know there probably trade and diplomacy as well etc but, you guys get me :P just "normal" mode.

-Survival, Stand and destroy *usage of a base blueprint here maybe or w/e?*

-Unit Haven

Moving on...

Map making and mod tools, hopefully we can expect to see some kind of tools for both creating our content/importing/exporting and making our own mods and maps? Maybe even with some form of in game mod manager and/or custom folder to stick in (A launcher would be better IMHO, since you would be able to enable multiple ones at once...unless strict warning from authors advises of conflicts etc). How flexible will the engine be? Will we only be able to do simple things like edit stats etc...

Or...will we have the ability to (if so desired), to rip everything out and stick our own stuff in it from scratch (be it maybe a modern day mod or....simply our own models or w/e)? The engine looks fantastic ATM, but how far can it go?

+ How easy will it be? Will we need skilled C++'s or can any old noob have a tinker?

4) Units/buildings/magic/technology ranges and extensiveness

We already know that your planning on 100's to maybe 1000's of on screen units at once...but how many different types of units will be have? I'm guessing, purely from the scale of this game...that we could expect around 40-70+ and maybe around 100+ upgrades and 40-60+ buildings per side/faction? Maybe that's to many but seems about right to me for something of this scale, hero units? XP gaining? RPG ish elements such as...armor and health and damage etc to other units/buildings?

Also range of technology/magics? The game is dawn of "fantasy"...but how "fantastical" are we speaking here? Are we in for some kind of shock surprises like...floating castles and lands masses on maps or...surreal out of this world units and buildings or...divine interventions from...things etc? Or like mutants or chimera type things it just the "mighty magic" feature that implies the fantasy part?

5) The future, after sales support, community attention.

Will you guys continue to patch up (not implying you'll need loads to sort the game out after release lol, just as feature updates and tweaking etc, like all games need and stuff ) and improve the game after release? Will you work with the community and support it with any means necessary?

PS: Estimated public beta or demo time? hehe
Ok here goes my best shot at this.

1. From what I've seen I can say the graphics rock and look great. As far as the actual system goes you'll be able to garrison units inside the ships as well as siege possibilities possibly.

2. Some maps will be massive and may take 5-8 minutes to cross. Weather will affect gameplay. As far as the erosion of land I'm not sure about that.

3. I'd say yes to your blueprints. As far as the difficulty of the editor goes it will be able to use more complex systems for pros but will be user friendly to people like me.

4. Yes there will be heroes and there will be xp gain. The magic will be unique and mythical-like but no floating castle kind of things I'm afraid.

5. I'd say yes to the patches and they are already planning a DoF 2.

6. Maybe somewhere around late spring.

Again this is mostly from my observations so anyone from Reverie feel free to correct any wrong information of mine. PS Good to have you back.
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