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Old 03-28-2011, 06:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Adamantite40 View Post
Honestly, im sick of it. Iv seen 3 or 4 qq threads open up since beta started, about misinformation and just general bashing of Reverie. Its unnecessary. Its rude.
First thing, i really doubt that u even know what QQ means.
Second, read this quote:
Dear Forumers,

We are happy to say that all the preparations are on time, and we are looking to invite everyone who registered to take part in the open beta test this Saturday evening - March 26th.

This is misinformation.Provided by the highest rank authority of the dev team-CEO. This makes community not happy. And community have every right to speak up about this. If there is no community behind the game- it would never start at all. Community forms up testers and later on player's base. Without them there wont be any game. Or it wont last long and simply die out without players. Which happened to AAA grade online games like Auto Assaut and Tabula Rasa.

Next thing about the banner. Imagine you are newcomer, looking for nice MMORTS game. You came to this site and what you see here? The big banner at the main page saying literally the following "DUDE YOU ARE LATE TO JOIN OUR GAME" How do you feel about this?
Think about it before posting emply crap posts with no reasoning behind them.