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Old 03-27-2011, 01:44 PM
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Default Stop QQing

Honestly, im sick of it. Iv seen 3 or 4 qq threads open up since beta started, about misinformation and just general bashing of Reverie. Its unnecessary. Its rude. If you got a key, be happy- you had less then a 50% chance to get one, so play the game and give them the information they need.

As for the banner at the top of the page, ya, so what, its been there for way longer then it should be, but is it really worth it to get all worked up about a bit of technically glitchery?

Another thing, if you didnt get a key, it was posted in a thread that you are GUARANTEED to be in wave 2 come this April. So stop complaining about pointless bs and wait your turn.
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