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Old 03-27-2011, 03:41 AM
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Default what makes me worry about this game

I like strategy games. Even more i like MMORTS games. I've been testing and playing almost every MMORTS title that arrives to the internet. Saga online, Shattered Galaxy, Dreamlords, Battleforge, Stronghold Kingdoms. I even played Galaxy back in the days of FIDOnet

When i first saw the video of this game i was thinking that this may be something i was realy looking for the last few months as battleforge is getting boring grindfest and Stronghold kingdoms is veeeery loooong gameplay progress. Took me 4 months to research and produce swordmen.

but now with all this strange things going around the beta worry me a lot. First thing is the famous banner at the main page about open beta and signing up to 28th of February. It is 27th of March already. And the banner is still there. Nobody care to remove it and it is misleading and demotivating newcomers. Dev team who dont care that they show outdated info at the main page of their project make me wonder if they really care abot people joining their community and the game.
Second thing. Open beta. Which turned out not to be really "open" at all. Invites to the beta send out based on some mysterious computer spec that devs need to test? Anyone care to post what is minimum spec u need for the tested to be able to join this test phase? I've been testing a lot of games and i can use several computers with varios setups frow low end to top to send out quality feedbacks on perfomance and bugs from different comp setups. And this is not called "open beta" if you pick 2k people with some specific comp settings. This is focus group test.
And what is this about- we sending out 4k keys, no we will send out 3k keys and finally we have send out 2k keys for some people picked up based on some mystical comp specs?
Your data server cant hold up more that 2k players? Just be honest to community and post about it. Dont call the test "open beta" when it is not even close to the closed beta othe games have. Your server cant hold the multiple client downloads and the d/l speed dropped to 60 kbps? Post it on torrent so everyone can contribute to d/l and share it by seeding the client at high speed.

So far the start of this project looks very much unprofessional to me. Hope it will be better over time.